I-Cavalry Protection

Why Have A Service Agreement?

There are several good reasons to enter a service agreement.

  • Agreements allow your provider to better plan and manage your service. That means all parts and equipment will be ready in advance and you will avoid expedited shipping charges.
  • The accurate cost projections of an agreement allow you to budget more easily and wisely.
  • Scheduling well in advance helps you sync upcoming maintenance outages with the production schedule and make other preparations, like bring rental air onsite, etc.

The amount of visits per year should be based on environment, run time, manufacturers’ recommendations and cost. Servicing your machines regularly is usually much less expensive than the alternative of lost production and increased electrical usage costs.

Most service agreements are based on quarterly visits - around 2,200 hours if you run 24/7.

Compare that to driving your automobile 60 miles an hour for the same period. You would rack up 132,000 miles! A lot can happen in that time.

Contracts are not always in your best interest. The good news: your existing agreement is probably non-binding. Look closely and you will see a clause that says “either party may cancel this agreement for any reason with written notice, etc.” Don’t be deluded by salesmen asserting that you are bound by a “legal” document. It’s your responsibility to get the best service for the cheapest price.

Instead of a contractual obligation, we offer you an informed opportunity - to join the I-Cavalry ™. Think of it as an exclusive club for smart air compressor users!

First, we walk through your plant with you and discuss your specific needs and recurring problems.

Together we tailor the maintenance plan that is best for you.

We discuss the most convenient timing for maintenance outages. and develop a schedule that works for both of us.

You remain a VIP member of this “smart air compressor users’ club” as long as you afford us the opportunity to satisfy those service milestones that we have discussed and agreed upon.

Preventive maintenance rates are task-based. If we project 4 hours for a particular service, but it takes 8 hrs, you only pay for the projected amount (4 hrs).

Discounted hourly rates are charged for any additional repairs that become necessary. Overtime charges do not apply to the I-Cavalry ™ member. Ever.

All pneumatic control parts are warranted for 12 months! If one goes bad we come and replace it. No labor charge, no travel charge, no complaint.

Simple, economical protection for your air system and unbelievable bang-for-your-buck!

Ask how to become a member today!