Introducing a new type of service company…


We understand the pressure you are under to increase production.

And we know that nothing kills production faster than the loss of plant air pressure or vacuum.

We are uniquely committed to excellence and to your satisfaction. Our technicians have experience in high-speed production. We understand the urgency… And we want to keep the pressure in the pipe - not on you.

That’s why we get to you quickly and sweat every last detail.

Today’s maintenance managers must “wear many hats” and constantly do more with less.

Technicians face rapidly changing technology and ever-decreasing staffing.

We want to take such excellent care of your plant compressed air and vacuum systems, that you will be able to focus on the unique aspects of your business that demand your close attention.

Managers are expected to make the right choice of service providers. You can’t afford lost production caused by substandard service work. Mistakes that your subcontractors make reflect poorly upon your decision-making!

If you are not completely satisfied with every detail of our work, we will return immediately and resolve the issue on the spot.


We are passionate about our work and proud of adding the ICAAV touches that set us apart. Watching you enjoy the results is deeply rewarding - it motivates us like nothing else!